Like an enigma wrapped in a mystery, effective traffic funnel User Experience (UX) design – that actually converts – is the most crucial and yet least understood aspect of web design, and with good reason:

  • A pretty-looking website with an undesirable and/or unclear call to action equates to crappy conversions (and ultimately, disgruntled clients).
  • Conversely, minimalistic sites with a clear call to action that speaks directly to the ‘lizard brain’ of the visitor have proven to convert quite nicely.

Hence a high-conversion traffic funnel superbly blends the very best elements of compelling copywriting, minimalistic design, direct-response UX/usability and neuromarketing into a savory end-user experience.

With this in mind, we’ll be exploring simple, time-proven evergreen methods and strategies that are easy to integrate, yet can produce amazing results (often, very rapidly).

These tips and techniques work equally well with lead-capture pages (aka “squeeze pages”), up-sell sales funnels, down-sell sales funnels, straight-sale funnels (i.e. no up-sells/down-sells), and even really creative “funky hybrid” funnels.